Dave – The protagonist of Loop. He’s a time traveler from the year 3065 and has been all over the time stream. But as of right now or right then, whatever, he’s stuck in caveman times. He’s unable to contact his people in the future. He is stuck there… for now.

Dave’s 1st appearance

Krong – A caveman and the first person Dave runs into. He’s surprisingly smart for a cro-magnon. He may in fact be the worlds first inventor!

Krong’s 1st appearance 

Otto and Remy – These two doofs work at the Time Travel agency in 3065. Their job is to send people in the past and track them and recall them back to the present. What could go wrong there?

Otto and Remy’s 1st appearance

Bob – Crash landing on Earth over a cycle ago, he’s trying to make the most of his stay.

Bob’s 1st appearance

And more to come in the future… or the past? Ah, whatever!