Hi everyone! Long time no see. I know I’ve been away for a while, about a month I think. Well, I’m sorry I just ran off like that so suddenly. Doing two comics at once seemed to be a little bit more then I could handle. I sort of got burnt out. I wasn’t quite happy with what I was producing and I felt like I was rushing them.

I have been working on getting a buffer going and I’ve got a couple of weeks worth done for both comics. I think to keep my sanity and to not get burnt out again, I’m going to go two a week. That might go back to three, it might not. I might go down to one a week, I’m not sure. I just know that this will help me out a little, with the schedule.

I’m hoping to come back the first of April. I should have some guest comics coming up in the next week or so. So there will be content back up on the site soon.

Hope ya’ll didn’t miss me too much. Sorry for being gone so long.

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