Hey there and welcome to “Loop” my new time travel comic! ‘Loop’ is about Dave, a Time Tourist from the year 3065. When going on a vacation through time he winds up off course and finds himself trapped in prehistoric times. He befriends a caveman name Krong and finds out there’s more to the past then we once thought.

This is my second foray into comics. My first and still going comic Underwhelmed was started in 2008 with no idea of what i was doing. It took me a while to get the hang of this whole comic thing. Even though i’m not quite a master yet, I feel like i’ve learned a lot doing Underwhelmed, and I wanted to try to apply that to a different project. I’ve had so much fun developing this and I can’t wait to have ya’ll see it!

So when does Loop start? Welp the debut is on November 5th! A very special day in time travel lore. That’s right, it’s the day that Dr Emmett Brown invented time travel back in 1955! See ya then!